Monday, December 6, 2010

Weapon Design Commission

I have a bad feeling that Pimp My Gun may not be updated again - never, ever, ever.
In light of this possibility, I decided to start taking commission for custom weapon designs.

Sure, they do not have the professional colour and shading work as PMG's yet,
but there are a lot of weapons and parts stashed in my computer's hard drives,
and chances are, they won't make it into PMG.

So this is what you can get, with a price starting from 5.00 USD per weapon.
The price varies with the weapon's design complexity and its reference resource availability.
So, those who do their homework and compile design references gets a 20% discount!

Upon completion of the commission, my clients will get the following package:
  1. a scalable vector PDF export of the weapon,
  2. a Photoshop file containing layers of the weapon's individual parts,
  3. a JPEG image of all the weapon's individual parts (for those without Photoshop),
  4. ...and a Skipper Lee Certificate of Authenticity, just for the fun of it.

Don't worry, I will be making more examples soon,
and at the same time hone my vector colouring and shading skills.

Skipper, over and out!


  1. Woah what? no more PMG updates? did doctor noob just loose interest or is he just not responding?

  2. Why is it not being updated!?!?!?! Did Dr. Noob abandon it!!! Someone has gotta take control of the site to update, because this will seriously upset thousands of people that use this. Is there ANY way of something being done! I really don't want this to happen. Anything that I can do to help??

  3. I just have that gut feeling.

    As cry.1972 said, quote and quote:
    "i am in the internet world since 20 years and not to be hard but i know that when a site is not updated for more than 6 months it is doomed to die, in particular amateur sites like PMG..."

    This post outlines my fallback plan in case the PMG ever dies out.

    More information on my commission plans here.

  4. Well that doesn't directly answer the main question, did Dr. Noob abandon PMG, yes or no? And Is there any way that it can be taken over by someone who would like to continue the sites excellent reputation, yes or no?

  5. Here are your answers for now.

    Q: Did he abandon PMG?
    A: According to present circumstances, YES.

    Q: Is there a way for PMG to be succeeded by someone?
    A: At the moment, NO.

  6. The Flickr group actually has a plan for updating PMG here:

  7. "Q: Did he abandon PMG?
    A: According to present circumstances, YES.

    Q: Is there a way for PMG to be succeeded by someone?
    A: At the moment, NO."

    I'ma cry..... This is kinda... suckish. Well let me know if there's ever anything I could do to help.

  8. @Brett
    Since CrazyBrick from Flickr mentioned of a new PMG discussion, you can join the ranks giving some helpful input about getting the ball rolling.

  9. Can you mention me in there Skipper?
    I don't have a flickr and don't really want to make one right now.
    I would be very interested in making gun as well.

    Could I send you my two latest guns and have you check them out?

  10. Skipper, I hope you learn a valuable lesson from this. You had months of offers to help to keep PMG going and you failed to act. It's unfortunate that you elected to take no action to keep PMG going. I don't know the full story nor do I care. It kills me to see people let great sites go to waste. I am happy to announce that a new site is being developed as I write this, which will be an improvement of PMG. Check the major airsoft websites and keep an eye out for the release date. Tentatively is scheduled for a release date of Jan 21, 2011. Sorry Skipper, but because of your lack of action, other have taken the reigns.

  11. Skipper, screw cry.1972, the site's still staying around. Updates are a different story, the question is whether or not you have direct contact with Doctor Noob or not. If you're just sending him the pictures and that's it, then there's no way it'll be updated, however, if you can talk to him, maybe you can figure out what's up. I'm a huge fan of PMG ever since i discovered it, and i know there are too many followers just to let this thing die out. Just like anybody here, if there's anything at all that i can do, ANYTHING, let me know.

  12. @Brian

    It's just sad to see that after all this while, you still have yet to see that I am not the one keeping PMG alive. Doc is.

    Stop yappin about my 'lack of action' and hoping for me to feel bad about it, because I am not, and I know my priorities.

    About the new and improve PMG, I'm definitely looking forward to it. Cheers to that.


    I have direct contact with Doctor Noob, and an update for a custom parts' import function is underway.

    Check back the Flickr's discussion thread on PMG, and read through the details thoroughly, because the community will have the ability to draw their own parts in PMG soon.

  13. actually, that sounds like a good idea...
    the update could probably (just an idea) support imports of a single layer photoshop image, or jpg image if they can support blank space... but yeah, skipper could post those on this blog as "update packages" or expansion packs or whatever, or people could draw their own parts in photoshop and upload it to the program.
    granted, for this to work, these uploaded packs would need to be uploaded every time you want to use it.