Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Done: Barrett M90 / M95

Took me some time to make some tiny adjustments,
but I liked how it turned out.

Here are the bolt-action 50-cal monsters!

Top image shows the M95 prototype, the M90.
Bottom image shows the modern M95.


Whew... I think I'm gonna take a short break.

Until next time!
Skipper, over and out!


  1. ooo, looking good skipper! can't wait to see that in PMG.

  2. Damn nice. That was pretty quick.
    Cant wait for the next update!
    Keep up the excellent work

  3. Hey Skipper, when you decide to start back up again do you mind drawing some night vision scopes like the AN/PVS-10, 17, and 24?
    Those would be great additions to the Barretts!

  4. @Ned:
    Neither can I :D

    Sure - we need more scopes in PMG ;)

  5. very nice! the people at the flickr group are looking forward to seeing these in pmg!

  6. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks skipper will you make the magwell removable?

  7. @Calool:
    Sweet - great to hear such eager response :D

    I draw the parts as they would work in reality,
    so I'm sorry, as the magwell for the M90 and M95 are fixed.

    I made the M90 and the M95 to have different receiver sets, though.

    Don't worry.

  8. OMG! Skipper the M95 is my favorite gun EVAR! Thank you so much for this man! Has Dr. Noob decided to start on the updates yet?

  9. Hey skipper
    When will pmg get more SMGs?

  10. Ooo Calool's on here (Don't mind that)
    And I like them very much.

    Not to get too far ahead or anything but, do you think you will be putting any weapons from games in .7 like you did in .6

  11. @Brett:
    No word from Dr Noob yet - sorry.

    @UNSC Leader:
    I have no idea @_@

    That's not my decision to make.
    To request weapons and parts, write to Dr Noob.

    I am only the line artist, nothing more.

  12. Skipper when being serious when I say this, not trying to get anybody mad or be a wiseass but...You call yourself the line man...What is that to me it personally sounds like you just draw the outline of the rifle, not that that doesnt take great skill...Just wanted to clarify, tht an did you ask doctor noob bout the fal's an wat he did wit him? just wondering...Keep up the fantasic work and can't wait to see the new guns!

  13. @Curtis:
    As the line artist, I draw the line art for parts that make up a weapon on PMG.

    About Doctor Noob, I haven't been in touch with him this recently, so I must say that I haven't been asking him these questions lately.

  14. Is there a e-mail address that I could reach him at, Besides the support e-mail? I really want him to get on it man. Have you ever thought that you may be just drawing out those guns for nothing, don't get me wrong they ARE FANTASTIC. But if nothings being done, the community has to take action. Or he could give away or sell the site. I'd be more than happy to take it off his hands if that means things get done.... sorry 'bout coming off like this.

  15. I'm drawing these guns for myself and for PMG.

    First off, being the line artist for PMG is quite an entry for my portfolio, and I'm sure Doctor Noob sees PMG as a treasure in his portfolio as well.

    ...so I'm guessing he won't give up on PMG that easily. Keep waiting and ye shall be rewarded - I hope :)

  16. Well.... has Dr. Noob begun or even responded to anything yet? I hate to be so persistent but I'm just anxious to play around with the new weaponry!!!

  17. [...] being the line artist for PMG is quite an entry for my portfolio, and I'm sure Doctor Noob sees PMG as a treasure in his portfolio as well [...]

    Not to be cynic or sarcastic but how can be a site you dont update for 10 months a good entry on a portfolio??? If i was a person who look at this site and sees that dr.Noob doesnt update this site for so long i will think that is not reliable even if he did a good work...

    On the other hand i appreciate the work you are doing with weapons skipper, cause you are updating your blog costantly and you dont only draw a simple silouette but you draw the exploded view of the weapon itself so it's possible to build a weapon from scratch in PMG being didactical and funny at the same time... This is a good thing for your portfolio...

    I really hope that PMG can start again (you still have to put all the options for my fav gun -the G36/SL8 series-) but i am in the internet world since 20 years and not to be hard but i know that when a site is not updated for more than 6 months it is doomed to die, in particular amateur sites like PMG...

    However keep up the good work skipper, maybe someone will be able to pick up the site from doctor noob and make it live again...

    PMG is dead, long live PMG...

  18. Thanks, Cry.

    I really don't want PMG to die out just like that, but if it ever does, let me assure everyone I'll still be drawing guns and parts.

    ...because it's my passion :D