Monday, June 26, 2017


So I just started a new traditional+digital art project that has a lot to do with guns called Pew Doodles.
Here are the links, where I'll be posting more updates, more frequently.

If you've really enjoyed my drawings that made it to Pimp My Gun (and those that didn't),
click on and check them out on Instagram and if you like what you see there,
go ahead and support my drawings on Patreon for some exclusive rewards!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

I am on Patreon!

Hi fellow PMGers, I've been a wee bit busy with work and business, but I've managed to put together a Creator page on Patreon! Click on the image to check it out!

Skipper Lee's Patreon Creator Page

That's right, Skipper Lee is now on Patreon!

This is a way to free myself from work, so I can have more time doing what I like, drawing stuff that you like - drawings of things that go BANG! Of course, the tier-based reward system is my own personal way of saying thanks to my patrons, so thank you in advanced! Exclusive rewards await you!

In addition to the usual line arts, I will also be drawing gun sketches and doodles. So check back frequently if you love experimental concepts, sketches and doodles for fun, too!

I'll see you all there!

New Project

Stay tuned to this space - something is coming along!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

See You in Macau!

A few nights ago I made the craziest decision ever!

I'll be making a quick trip to Macau for a business launch event, which will be taking place on June 30th at the Grand Sheraton Macau in Cotai. Apart from official business matter, I'd also like to take this opportunity to meet up with fellow PMGers in the area!
Drop a comment if you're staying in or travelling to Cotai, Macau for the duration!
I'll be arriving June 29th and leaving July 1st - see you there!

Friday, April 15, 2016

WIP: Guns Galore!

It's been a very long time since my last posting on SF-Battlenet,
so I'm here to present a little something I've been working on this lately...


This is a set of simple line art created for this videogame concept I had in mind,
codenamed Skhado Feroxa. I'll keep everyone posted as work continues,
but in the meantime, can you name all the guns featured here?

Click on to find out,
and lemme know in the comments!