Monday, December 13, 2010

PMG Custom Modding

...yes, you read that right.
Everyone will get the chance to draw their own PMG parts!

...can't wait to find out more?

It has been discussed on Flickr for quite some time,
about a PMG reboot.

Since everyone lacks the calibre of Doctor Noob himself,
he offered to work on the mother of all updates - custom modding.

With this feature, PMG will be able to read custom parts
on a Shockwave Flash (SWF) file, giving everyone the ability to draw
and use their own PMG parts.

Read up and catch up on the Flickr discussion here!
get your hands-on practice on drawing PMG parts here!

Merry Christmas!
Skipper, over and out!


  1. Wow, no comments yet...

    and even though I've heard about this on flickr, I would like to know what program would you do this on, I mean, make your own part. And if we will see anymore shapes in PMG.

  2. All the 'make-your-own-part' work will must be done on Adobe Flash, which is an awesome but expensive vector graphics and programming software.

    With practise, everyone will soon be able to draw PMG guns from scratch.

  3. Can one upload them and allow everyone can use them?

  4. would you be able to draw skipper lee parts for us to upload?

  5. I will try to make a deal with Doctor Noob so that, hopefully, all my drawings will be imported into the app.

  6. IDK, but please hurry up with the "Christmas" update.

  7. Hey , Skipper

    why Dont you IMPROVE ALL THE WEAPONS & PARTS in the OLD PMG , And Put it in the New PMG ?

  8. ^Doc Noob explained that it's more practical to completely redraw all of them, since he can't just hit "improve" and move all the .6 stuff into .7. They must be reformatted, detailed, and have the ability to ungroup and break down.

  9. wow, this is gonna kick the bar up VERY high for the other gun making apps!

  10. @qscaxz:
    ...definitely :P

    It'll give power to the people
    to draw whatever parts they want,
    and save the hard work at the moment
    trying to make parts with other parts
    plus a lot of manipulation.