Friday, December 31, 2010

v0.1.4 PMG Q&A (+Spyder's)

This recently, quite a number of PMG users PM'd me on Facebook
asking me to 'draw more weapons' and 'update PMG with new parts'.

And frankly, I am quite annoyed by the latter.
So I've come up with a Q&A list of things you should know,
as a PMG user.

I have composed this list of Q&A in third-person perspective,
so that it appears that I am professional enough to have an agent
managing my blog and PR.

...okay jokes aside, let's bring it on.

command: /on pr_agent

Q: Who is Skipper Lee?
A: An artist for PMG.

Q: Can I ask him to update PMG?
A: No.

Q: Why?
A: Because he is only an artist and does not have
     control over the contents in the app.

Q: Why?
A: Because Doctor Noob has all the skills required to
     maintain the app, while Skipper Lee knows nothing of
     Flash programming... for now.

Q: But can I ask him to draw more weapons and parts?
A: Yes, but it really depends on the situation.

Q: What situation?
A: His current drawing task and the
     frequency of his college assignments.
     Not to mention his personal interests as well.

Q: If he accepts the request, what to do next?
A: Two words - 'Wait'. 'Patiently'.
     "Ask, and ye shall receive."
     "Good things come to those who wait."
     ...and he really want to emphasise on that.

Q: I want to help contribute to PMG, what can I do to help?
A: For the moment, everyone can help gather reference images
     for Skipper Lee on his current drawing task in the form of
     photographs showing the stripped weapon, its manuals
     and side views of the weapon and parts as well.

Q: Can I do anything else?
A: In fact, yes.

Q: What else?
A: You can draw your own weapon line art and let Skipper know that
     you are doing it, so that the both of you can help each other out.

Q: I am running out of questions, what to do now?
A: Fret not, take your time and think about more questions.
     Then post your question as a comment to this post.
     Skipper will try his best to provide an answer,
     and his 'agent' will update this post with your new questions.

Q: How do I know it's updated with new Q&A?
A: Pay attention to the version number in the post title,
     it will let you know if it has been updated, or not.

Q: This is a wall of text, can I stop reading now?
A: Skipper never made it an imperative to read the entire Q&A.
     It is entirely down to the readers' discretion to do so.
     No pressure on you, please.

{ABA} Worlock asks:

Q: What is his preferred method of receiving reference material?
A: Skipper usually prefers links to them,
     commented in the respective weapon update posts.
     However, one should always use to shorten the links.

{ABA} Worlock asks:

Q: Which weapons does Skipper prefers:
     Modern/Vintage? Pistols/Rifles?

A: Skipper has not been thinking about it recently,
     but since you have asked this question,
     he has decided to give a real answer.
     "I like firearms that both feature prominent
     aesthetics and functionality,
     so usually I prefer modern, modular weapons."

     The following answer from Skipper does not
     endorse 'tacticool-ness', as it is functionality overkill,
     and a disgrace to firearm design aesthetics.

Marshall asks:

Q: What does Skipper Lee use for the graphics?
A: All the while, Skipper has been drawing line art on
     Adobe Illustrator. After a recent update from Doctor Noob,
     he will be picking up Adobe Flash as a more direct 

     drawing method for the Pimp My Gun 
     'Mods' feature.

Ferrariguy asks:

Q: What's with the 'Twitter API' popup everytime I visit the site?
A: It's a login popup for those who have Twitter.
     Don't worry, it's nothing malicious.
     ...if it's too much trouble for any of you,
     let Skipper know by commenting on this post,
     and he'll remove the box.

Spyder asks:

Q: Skipper, do you need books on modern Russian firearms?
A: There's not really an answer to that,
     as most resources can be found on the Internet.
     However, should Skipper find himself lacking resources,
     be ready to offer a helping hand.

Skipper looks forward to answering questions from
the eager PMG community, so...

Until next time,
Skipper's Agent, signing out!

command: /off pr_agent


  1. Do you know about the new rail covers / G36 rails / full magazines

    If so, Is there more to come? :)
    Thanks, Love your work Skipper.

  2. ^Check out the Flickr group. Everything will be explained. The new parts which were added were ones Doc Noob had "laying around" but had not added for some odd reason. Also, if you'll notice, the Magpul parts are all copyrighted now, because Magpul Dynamics contacted Doc and asked him to add those symbols in.

    About updates: if you haven't seen or heard, Doc has a v0.8 in the works which will be added in the near future. It includes updates to the color picker, parts browser, the elimination of a number of bugs, and a number of other updates which will allow people to modify/create parts and add them into the app.

  3. Skipper: what is your preferred method for reference material to be sent?
    Also do you prefer modern or vintage, pistol or rifle type weapon?

    Do you know of any free open source programs that would be good to do the line art for PMG

  4. I just wanted to say thanks for all the work that's gone into PMG. It really has helped me to decide on weapon builds, etc.
    The only I wish for is more Electronics, like flashlights and lasers. (PEQ15's and Surefire lights would be awesome)

  5. what does skipper lee use for an computer graphics program

  6. will dr.noob be puting the p90 in the new version

  7. Yes, nice to see PMG is continuing. I can't wait till we can upload our parts. BTW, I see this twitter thing pop up every time I click on your site. Is anything up? Just wondering.

  8. Skipper, do you need very interesting book about russian modern firearms? It includes many photos (in action, disassembled, etc.), a detailed description, including in English.

  9. How can I send you info on gun parts? I can't find it on the blog.

  10. Well...would it be possible to import parts from the old version to the new one in an update? For example, just the non-updated ones. Since it wouldn't require new parts...? You may have blogged on this topic before, and I admit I don't visit the blog itself often...
    In any case, I would like to play around with the pistols, smgs, and a machine gun in the new version...All in all, it's not a big deal, since I realise you guys are super busy and have already released a phenomenal free tool.

  11. I've been waiting for the 'Next big update' and it been over 5 months since that was said. Can you say around when this update is finished?
    (Not pressuring you or anything).