Sunday, November 21, 2010

Done: Barrett M82 / M107 SASR

Here are two screengrabs from my Illustrator canvas.
Feast your eyes on these 50-cal monsters!

NOTE (thank you, Collin, for pointing that out)
The top image shows the original Barrett M82A1,
while the bottom image shows a more militarised M107 SASR,
complete with a customised suspension bipod mount!

...I think I'll start working on the Barrett M95 now :D
Skipper, over and out!


  1. Holy incredible Barrett schematics, Batman!

  2. I think you got the names wrong, the top on is the M82 and the bottom M107, unless of course, I am wrong.

  3. AWWWWW SHET. Excellent job skipper! Now that's a way to come back! Can't wait to see that M95.

  4. Any ETA on when it;s going to be colored and the site updated? No rush just curious.

  5. @TheAuthor:
    I do try my best to draw the exact profile of the real-steel Barretts.

    Thanks for the note - I'm gonna do some further research and make adjustments.

    I'll be sending the files to Doc.
    Hopefully he gets the job done.

  6. OMG! They are so beast man! I will be looking forward to making those into some sexy weapons..

  7. When is Dr. Noob respond to your sent files skipper?

  8. i know one thing epic tape camo!