Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back on Track

Finally found some peace to continue work on the Barrett M82...
In the meantime, I also stumbled upon another Wishlist must-have!


  1. Nice to hear that you are drawing new things...
    Pity that PMG isnt updated since 7 months...
    I guess it's all dead...

  2. pimp my gun is the best, wish you guys would keep working on it D:

  3. @Cry
    It's not dead...
    ...but call it 'hibernating',
    waiting to be awakened and faved by all fans of PMG once again :D


    @Pigeon Master
    We're all still working hard on it!

  4. Not sure if this has been asked before but do you think you could work on the SA80 also ?? I know a lot of people who are desperate for you to do this !!!

  5. @Oliver:
    I won't have time to Google for all the blueprints and stripped-down images of the SA80, so you're welcome to send over any reference pictures you find.

    The bigger the better.

  6. What happens if i just keep clicking your ads?
    Will you start getting more money?
    I'll count it as donating. XD

  7. @Cameron
    Actually, no.
    This is considered spamming clicks,
    and would nullify my Adsense earnings.

  8. you should add one more catagory, shotguns, maybe add the M500, or M3, two must have is the SPAS and The AA12

  9. Ah, well I only clicked twice anyway, I got bored... .--.

  10. @Entey
    As a matter of fact, I already have drawn a few shotguns.

    Namely, Beretta shotguns.
    The Nova and the Supernova.

    SPAS would be fun to draw :P

  11. Could you bring the attachments from old PMG to the new one? That seems to make more sense than making new guns that you can't do much with anyway (not as much as the M4 and ACR anyway).

  12. yay cant wait for some more stuff on the PMG i ALWAYS use it still :P anyways i had an idea that (if you would like me to) i could help draw up some guns and stuff like that? im prety dandy with PhotoShop so i spose i wouldnt be bad

  13. If there's anyway, maybe Recolorable bullets and Grenades, Plus, RPG7 anyone. :D

  14. More recolourable objects would definitely enhance the PMG experience!

    Awesome suggestion, Tom!

  15. have you thought about adding the parts from the old version onto the new one? or would that require starting the drawings from scratch?
    because, I would love to have those with any color.

  16. To be honest id like some variaty. Common we already have a hugeass sniper rifle. How about some shotguns and machine guns?

  17. We'd all want variety, Anton.

    I've drawn a few of Benelli's shotguns.
    I like your suggestion of machine guns,
    as they have more parts to play around with.

    Thanks for your feedback, Anton!

  18. Hey Skipper,

    Any thought about my suggestion? When I said "attachments", I meant the tactical accessories in the old PMG; it'd be nice to have those in the new one, especially the rail attachments and some of the scopes. Wouldn't it be easier to import those as an update than having to draw whole new guns? Sorry if I didn't word that correctly the first time.

  19. It's definitely easier, but as I previously said, maintenance of PMG is wholly up to Doctor Noob.

    I'll try to talk him into bringing the parts over.

  20. PLS.... Bring in more accessories for the G36... G36 is one of the most modular rifles ever and has a lot of accessories...
    OLD version of PMG doesnt have all accessories for G36 and the new version has even less...
    It's possible to contact Doctor Noob or you Skipper to talk about G36 and make all the things you left out???

  21. Oh to add on my previous comment, That SVD Folding Stock can't be recolored either. I'd also like to see the FAMAS and M60 or M249 SAW w/Para Stock additional Part.

    BTW I'm an active member of the Flickr PMG pool, I could show you my photostream.

  22. What happened here man! I really love Pimp My Gun, but the lack of dedication to a sight so used by the public is bewildering. You need to convince Doctor Noob to start working on it again. PLEASE!!

  23. @cry
    The conversion from PMG 0.6 to 0.7 was an exhaustive one, with guns being pieced into more parts.

    Also, we work at our own pace, but we promise to deliver better contents in the future.

    The SVD's modern folding stock was an all-metal design. Maybe the limitation was to preserve the metal construct of gun parts.

    BTW, that's a lot you're asking for :D
    But all of them would be awesome to pimp out.

    You can reply another comment with your Flickr gallery link ;)

    He's in charge of pretty much everything in PMG, so I'll reserve the rights to him as to when and how he wants to work on PMG.

    Sorry man, but I can only do my part as a technical line artist.

  24. Skippa!!! ya kill'n close to da Barrett you got done? And btw u sent the FAL to Dr. Noob did he just say screw coloring it and threw it away or is he slowly takn his time?

  25. Well yeah, I got the part where you have no power over the site, but. Someone has to convince someone to continue with this site, it's been almost 9 months since the last update and people are abandoning this site like their leaving MW2. I understand having a life outside the computer screen, but some like having something to blow time away, ya know? DAMN! I hate sounding like an a**hole. sorry, lol.

  26. @Curtis
    It's still missing a bolt :(
    I need someone who actually has an M82
    to strip it and take a photo of the bolt.
    ...I can't find a proper profile photo of it on the Net.

    As for the FN FAL,
    I'll have to double-check with him.

    Alright - I'll check on him and see if he's free to work on it.

    Don't worry, I understand.
    Sometimes I go to PMG and feel that there's
    not enough parts/guns there for me to fool around with :P

  27. Skipper, you seen this?

  28. Yes, I have.

    ...and unfortunately,
    the illustration are
    too blurry to be
    made good reference.

  29. What about the instructional videos? The second one is probably best:!

    The dude's field stripping the gun, and gets really intimate with the bolt in the latter half. Aside from the shots of him pulling it back in the receiver (first vid too), if you pause exactly at 2:56 and 5:24, the dude has it almost exactly in profile. Maybe it's just a matter of having the vid at max res, taking a bunch of screenshots, upping the brightness/contrast on the pics, and using a little bit of imaginative foresight?

    Found these too; the first one is small I know, but at least you got a near perfect silhouette of the bolt in profile:

    Not sure how much better you can get - afterall, how many Barrett owners actually frequent this site?

  30. HEY! Any word on if he's going to start working on PMG yet Skipper? Sorry, I'm just anxious to see what will come of it..

  31. Sorry, but no Brett - I'll try to get to him.

    By the way, there's another reason for him to get back to PMG again - the Barret MRAD!

    Quite identical to the 98 Bravo,
    except for the folding stock and slightly different rail and forestock,
    this rifle should be easy to update and refreshed in the PMG inventory.

  32. Dayyum Skipper, good find man! That's a wicked weapon right there, and you're right I don't see any reason he shouldn't get back on it. I found picture of the M4 layout with more accessories than we currently have available. Here it is... I know most of them we already have, but theres a few on there that aren't

  33. Wow - THAT sure is a big stash of SOPMOD accessories...

  34. Loved PMG always have scince i first heard about it, the so called PMG 2 is really startin to suck with its very limited...objects lets call them...and really cant find new ideas to make, have been starting wacky ideas like Bayonet Iron Sites and Compact Light Machine Guns (dont ask).

    Really want it updated soon.

    here, this has been a great hobby for me.

  36. Hey Skipper, just thought I'd drop in and see if Dr. Noob has made any progress on anything in PMG. Also, I thought I'd ask, how is the drawings for the Barrett M82? I think the Barrett M95 would look pretty beast as well.

  37. @Brett

    I'll try to finish the M82 by tomorrow.
    Then it's on to working on the M95 :D

  38. Hey Skipper, I just found this website that has basic drawings of numerous guns. Maybe this could help you out in the future.

    Just hover over the pics of guns on the left and click the type of gun you want.
    This page isn't mine; just happened to stumble over it. :)

  39. Sweet dude! Can't wait to customize it!! You know what would be sick? If Dr. Noob could add camo support to the guns....

  40. @GhostSniper:
    Impressive discovery - I could get some design inspirations from that website as well - thanks!

    Barrett M82 comin' right up!

  41. Are you serious? Did you mean "comin' right up" literally? ARE WE GUNNA HAVE IT!!?? lol

  42. @Brett:
    By that, I meant 'on my blog'.
    Sorry to disappoint you if you're waiting for it on the app, as it might take a while colouring all that stuff :P