Friday, September 3, 2010


After looking back at the guns I've made over such a long time,
I've been thinking about getting something new for a change.

For those still waiting for the M82, I am sorry.
All the parts have been completed except for the bolt and rear recoil spring.
Photos of those parts seem impossible to find, even on the Internet.

So those who have a real-steel Barrett M82 at home,
I ask for your help and snap me a few side view photos of the parts.
You can then host the image and drop me a link via comment.

Now to the point.
I've read through several brochures from Wacom,
and I've taken interest in their display-tablets...

Namely the Wacom Cintiq 21UX - or the Cintiq 12WX if I'm still too broke for it.

 It sure is freakin expensive, so help me out on the Adsense income
and check back on this website often.

...better still ( e-begging detected :P )
donate via Paypal!

Not to sound like a total arsehole,
but I'm also thinking of selling my vector artwork
to interested parties - just to get that extra revenue.

Guess not :P
Skipper, over and out!


  1. Have you tried contacting Barrett Firearms?

  2. Did you look at the exploded view on Barrett's website?

    If this is not good enough you can always go to their forums and request a pic


    I think this might be useful?

  4. this isnt the best and correct for PMG, but it might help you out. you can see the recoil spring but not the right ride of the bolt.

  5. heres another link to the M82 bolt. skip to page 12 for a rough pic of the bolt.

  6. I don't know if this is helpful, but try this,r:28,s:0&tx=31&ty=25&biw=1280&bih=843

  7. Hey skipper, here are two links for the M82. On the first one skip to page 14 (12 in the actual manual) for a rough pic of the bolt. The second link shows the recoil spring, but the wrong side of the bolt.

    Hope this helped. Cant wait for the update, but no rush. Keep up the great work!

  8. It's alright Skip, don't be too hard on yourself.

    Add my new AIM all for chatness :D
    AIM: FeckinCameron

    BTW It's Ceron158

  9. yeah, have you tried contacting Barret?

  10. Hey Skipper, here are two links for the M82. The first one shows a pic of the recoil spring, but the wrong side of the bolt. The second link shows a rough pic of the bolt on the 14th page (pg 12 in the actual manual).

    Hopefully this can help you out. Keep up the great work. Cant wait for this update (no rush though).