Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This is interesting...

Pimp My Gun on mobile devices?
I'm playing it on my Nokia N9 right now.

I've heard a lot of chatter about making Pimp My Gun available for mobile devices.
At first when I asked Doc about it, seems like porting PMG to mobile platforms
is going to be a lot of hard work, indeed.

I think we have something promising here.
As I have Mozilla's Firefox for mobile devices Aurora installed
on my Meego-powered Nokia N9, I was curious to see Adobe's Flash player
available on the N9's Nokia Store.

I downloaded the player, which works with Mozilla's browser,
so I tried it out on Pimp My Gun.

Sure enough, it works, although with certain disabilities.
One of it was the inability to input text, which will be troublesome
for those who frequently scale, rotate and custom-colour their parts.

Here's a screengrab from my Nokia N9,
featuring Pimp My Gun in Flash player's fullscreen mode.

I'll try to record a video of PMG running on my phone,
if anyone's interested in a more informative follow-up post.

Skipper over and out!


  1. Hi skipper,
    it does work on mobile browsers, but its not really usable!

    1. Wasn't easy to navigate through the app on such a small screen >.<

      Got news of anyone using it on a tablet?
      Like the iPad or the Tab?


    2. It works on the Blackberry Playbook, same as mobile devices, not very usable.

  2. Replies
    1. Trust me, using PMG on a 14-inch laptop
      is waaaaay better than fumbling around on a 4-inch screen >.<

  3. Does Doctor Noob just tell you what to draw and you draw it?

  4. hey skipper will you be adding new parts anytime soon? thanks!

  5. @ChildAnarchy
    I often draw what I want,
    then send it to Doc for colouring and import.

    I don't add parts to Pimp My Gun, sorry :)
    That would be Doctor Noob :D

  6. I've tried on an iPod on Safari and it doesnt work, none-the-less how hard it would be on a 4" screen...

  7. @PMG Man 90210
    Without the assistance of a stylus,
    using PMG on a mobile device is frustrating
    at times, when my fingers just fail to
    tap on the buttons in the UI.

    And to overcome that I often zoom in and out
    of the UI to get a closer look at where I'm
    tapping on the screen.

  8. Yeah, but on an iPod i can get the website to come up, but the area where the actual game comes up is completely blank, i can go to the home and to the help and about but when in the game the screen wont come up

  9. apple mobile devices dont support flash
    thats why it doesnt work

  10. Hello Skipper, How would you feel about (someday) drawing the MK3A1, "The Jackhammer" ?

  11. how come docnoob dos'nt add things any more

  12. Alex:
    Doctor Noob is a busy man, he has his commitments in life as well, and for now he has to tend to them before Pimp My Gun.

    Not sure when he'll be back on PMG, but we're all hoping soon :)

    1. what else does dr.noob do? not saying that as in sarcasm, i'm sincerely intrested in what he does