Tuesday, February 28, 2012

RAP4 T68

Making it in PMG takes quite some effort,
so I took the liberty of creating it in Illustrator instead...

The most expensive parts are the holographic sight
and the UBR buttstock, so they'll come in last
as I build my paintball marker.


  1. How's the actual PMG work coming along??

  2. No offense, it looks sweet, but don't we have enough Ar's in the game already? They dominate over things like SMG's and Rifles

  3. This tracing is not for PMG :D

    ...I'm just killing time with my newfound hobby in paintball :)

  4. Yo, we need an iPhone app for PMG

  5. Sorry to bother you but could you update the pimp my gun website, i know that you are busy make awesome guns for a game but plz

    A big fan

  6. @PMGman:
    Don't we all need it :P
    Wish Doc could have the time to do so

    I'm sorry but I am only in charge of drawing guns and parts for PMG. Doctor Noob is the one updating the PMG website :D

  7. It has recently come to my attention that several games and apps have stolen content from PMG as well as custom weapons from the PMG Flickr community, Doctor Noob has pushed back the release of version 0.8 until he graduates college when he can copyright the skipper's and his work,however he still plans to release new content but its staying in 0.7 for now. Thats what I've heard so far.

  8. Draw a Daniel Defense MK18 9.5 in RIS for doctor noob

  9. Lol, ill tell you it would be amazing

  10. @SgtFancyPants
    Well that explains his inactivity on Flickr.
    Lookin forward to a copyrighted PMG :D

    For the number of parts on the AR15 available on PMG, I'm not really keen on drawing more of the similar stuff for PMG.

    Thanks for making the suggestion though,
    much appreciated :D

    It definitely would :D

  11. Where is Doctor Noob in college? almost done or not close

  12. I am a frequent user of Pimp My Gun Beta, and I have noticed it hasn't been updated for a while now. I'm just wondering why. If you do update it any time soon, I have some guns in mind that you should add:
    - FN P90
    - FN FAL
    - Pistols, because there is none.
    - Tar-21
    - FAMAS
    - Scorpion
    - Barrett M82A1 50. cal
    - G18/17
    - PPSH-41
    - MP7
    - MP9
    - FMG9
    - Galil ARM
    - IW/SA80
    - M11
    - M10
    - Uzi
    - Mini Uzi
    - Micro Uzi

    I sent this as an e-mail to doctor noob a week ago, is he even working on PMG anymore?

  13. @PMG Man
    Not sure the whereabouts of Doctor Noob,
    but I'm sure he's busy doing his things at the moment.

    @Child Anarchy
    Yeah, we all have realised that PMG hasn't been updated for a long while.

    Though this may come off as second nature, Dcotor Noob might not want his inbox flooded by emails spamming gun requests such as this.

    All in good time, man.

  14. Sorry, just a little anxious...

    1. No problem, bro :D

      We're all always looking forward to the next update in PMG.

  15. Would it be okay to use PMG parts in a seperate game made by myself? I think I could pull it off but would struggle drawing them myself.

    If not, would it be okay to use his parts to make a game just to use offline for myself?

  16. @A Kind Chap
    This link says something about freedom to use PMG as a source of reference, but I'm not too sure when it comes to using them in game projects.

    I'm afraid you'll need to contact Dr Noob about that, sorry.

    THanks for your support on PMG :D