Monday, July 19, 2010

WIP: Barrett M82A1 / M107 SASR

Thank you all for visiting my blog on a daily basis,
as my Google Adsense revenue has reached the 100-dollar mark.

That's right, my first 100 dollars of income,
and it's all because of your loyalty and support to PMG! keep checking out this blog for posts!

For that, I have a teaser screenshot for all you fans out there...
Yes, the title is a fatal give-away!

TA-DA!!!'s a little too late for that, I suppose,
but I hope it's something to make up for my previous inactivity on PMG art.

When I'm done with this 50-kal monster,
I'll be working on the Accuracy International L96A1 next!

Stay tuned for more M82 beauty!
Skipper, over and out!


  1. you've drawn teh guns....but when is doc gonna UPDATE TEH GODDAMN SITE???????????

  2. Halle-fuckin-luya!
    great comeback weapon :D

  3. It looks like it's coming along nicely. Congrats on the $100!!

  4. @Daniel
    Doc will update Pimp My Gun as he sees fit.
    It's no easy work, so please be patient.

    @PSP Daily
    Thanks, it will be done soon,
    so expect the completed line art in a day or two.

    I'm now waiting for the cheque.

  5. great to see you making guns again :)
    great to see you making money :)
    lets just hope doc made as much :)

  6. Guns are cool, but I can't wait for more rail systems!
    Really needing the King Arms / Nitro.Vo 5-rail for the AK :)

  7. @Calool:
    Hope I'll make even more :P

    I'll work on rails and parts when I'm done with all these rifles :D

  8. so pleased to see that an update is on the cards (less so that the AWM isn't happening yet tho!)
    keep up the good work guys!

  9. Great!!!
    Hope you finish this soon :)

    + When you finish the Barretts, please make the Barrett M468.

    Congrats on the $100.

  10. how i get gold color plz i need the number plz plz !!...thanks :d