Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Change of Plans

No, I won't be doing the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum after this.

Instead, I will be making the other 50-caliber rifles from Barret.
Those rifles are the Barrett M95 and the Barrett M99.

This is because of a momentum build-up in me
while drawing Barrett rifles, and I do not wish to lost that momentum of enthusiasm.


  1. I'd love to see the AI Rifle after the M82, but more Barrets are stil awesome. Keep up the momentum Skipper!

  2. Oh Skipper if you like Barret's and 50. cal's so much do you think you could possibly add Accuracy International's AS-50 I love that beast

  3. Your killing me. Slowly and painfully I might add. In fact, I am about to cry. I love the fact that you are doing something (unlike Doc, I know, dont talk bad about Doc and all) but is the M99 reaaaally necisary? Keep drawing though, Its better than nothing. M95 is a win for sure, and if you get around to the AWSM, tell me please. It is a rifle for the history books (did you know that a variant [l115a3] made a long distance shot worthy of honor?) and I would love to someday pimp one up. :)

  4. Good job, Skip. Can't wait for the update. It's been a while

  5. There is still a plethora of m4/m16 accessories you could add.

  6. @onbotten, The Armory:
    Yes, Accuracy International's rifles will still be on my to-do list :D

    You're not dead yet, so there's still hope.
    I'll try to finish the rifles off as soon as possible.

    We're all waiting for the update :P

    Yes, but I am more focused on weapons than customisable parts. Only once in a while I draw them.

  7. Would you mind telling me what type of software you use to draw them? Even though I will probably fail very badly I would like to have a go at it.

  8. @Cheatham:
    I use Adobe Illustrator to draw the line art.

    If you're to try it out, remember to do research on the weapon's field strip parts.

    Then, you draw the parts on different Layers,
    named accordingly.

    ...you have inspired me to create a how-to post for my line art drawings - thanks!


  9. If I do successfully draw anything it will be m4/m16 series accessories not full guns. I will let you handle that.

  10. Ok I did my first POS drawing and I'm 90% sure that it's way off of the scale you use for PMG. I started with something simple( http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.php?cPath=25_113_556&products_id=28679 ) How do I send you the drawing? I looked and I can't seem to find an Email address.

  11. Hmm I tried to send it over yahoo and it gave me a failure notice every time.

  12. @Cheatham:
    Try Windows Live Mail...?
    Maybe Gmail, if it still fails?

    ...or I can add you on your Messenger,
    and we can work a time to transfer the file.

  13. @Cheatham:
    For your safety,
    I have added you on Messenger
    and did not post your details
    as in the comment.

    ...just to keep you from being spammed :D

  14. Ayyyy Skipper you almost done with any Barretts???Oh by the way if your doing Barrett's you think you could possibly do the Barrett REC-7???

  15. @TheArmory
    I'm almost done with the M82.
    All that's left are the bolt, recoil spring, iron sights and carrying handle.

    The REC-7 is a redundant M4-like design, so I won't be working on it.

  16. Nice to see you still alive, man. :D

    When I get my new computer this September, it's gonna be me and you in Alien Swarm.

  17. @Johan Ansumaa are you from Finland or Estonia, cause your name certainly has a resemblence.

  18. Skipper, do you have contact with Dr. Noob?

    The app has been very glitchy the past two days! :(