Sunday, November 10, 2019

Ten Years Ago

Hello Internet, it's been quite awhile since my last post here on SF Battlenet.

If anyone is still here reading this, I'd like to take a walk down memory lane,
and share what I have in mind for the future moving forward.

Ten years ago, I stumbled upon the masterpiece forever a work-in-progress that is Pimp My Gun by Doctor Noob. Out of curiosity I reached out to him about drawing some stuff for the app. Using what I had back then, a cheapo laptop computer, I did the line art for the CheyTac M200, the Bushmaster ACR, and the FN F2000, which all made it into the app.

Throughout the journey I was only drawing line art for the app. Doctor Noob was in charge of colouring the line art, importing the guns, coding and hosting the app online.

The app was last updated September 17, 2011 as v0.7.0.6 - I have received a few messages from fellow Pimp My Gun fans that they're still waiting for the next update, as I am too.

Last week I've been thinking about Pimp My Gun again, and what else I can do besides just waiting for a miracle. And then it dawned on me.


Pimp My Gun needs to be given a new breath of life, so I looked up the Internet and my previous correspondences about the possibility of such a thing.

True enough there was one (so far, either that or I'm not looking hard enough) called the PSGunlabProject (link to their DeviantArt profile) but their last image post was October 29, 2012 while their last journal post was May 26, 2014 (they were still looking for programmers). What they were trying to do was to build a database of parts that can be opened and manipulated in Photoshop. They did a lot of amazing things but my only concern was 1. not everyone has Photoshop and 2. raster images made of pixels cannot be scaled up indefinitely, not like what PMG can do with scalable vector graphics.

So this is me committing to the next Pimp My Gun revival. There's a lot on my mind right now (mostly questions) but I am sure that with time and effort, there will be progress.

If anyone's still reading, I'll try to gather all the questions I have and post them up next as a follow-up to this. So stick around and see y'all soon.

- Skipper


  1. Holy shit, posted the same day I thought of revisiting PMG to see if there had been any noise since 2011.

  2. We are here Skipper! Tell us what we need to do.

  3. I love Pimp My Gun and I still playing! I'm making AN-94 without any raster graphics editor. I heard Adobe Flash will end in 2020. I want to play Pimp My Gun after 2020. I'm looking forward to good news!

  4. Please keep it alive. It is such an amazing app!

  5. Is it possible to patch PMG for HMTL5? I ask because I really enjoy playing PMG and fear that, I never get to do that, now that Flash Player will no longer be supported after the end of 2020. I want it to continue after 2020.

  6. Every now and then I kept giving myself false hope PMG would be revived... Hearing this, well I am excited but pray you keep this commitment going. PMG is a home for a very select type of people and I don't know where else we'd go.

    -DarkDeagle or whatever, can't even remember.

  7. im so glad i found this, i would very much like to get in contact with you about this skipper, i used PMG a very very very long time ago and finally gave up in 2016 of seeing an update but just for old times sake i found this and i mean. damn. im really intrested in helping reviving the project, im on discord, Viktoria#5499

  8. Cant wait to see whats next! just revisited PMG and its still awesome but and update would be amazing to see.

  9. Still here... waiting patiently

  10. Revisited again today when I had a little time to mess around with it, decided to click the link to your blog and saw this. Take your time! We're still here.

  11. I have thought PMG was long gone for a while now. Just out there haunting a server somewhere. This is amazing! I'd Patreon a PMG revival, and I dont Patreon anything!

  12. I certainly wouldn't mind giving a buck or two a month for a revived Pimp My Gun. Seeing as Flash is going the way of the Dodo, perhaps other options could be considered.

  13. This would be incredible!
    We are still here, the old PMG community. I speak for at least the Flickr group. It is smaller, and slower, than it once was, but it is still here. Those of us still into it are pretty dedicated. A lot of the older community, the ones who have moved on or gotten busy, still hang out on a Discord together (I found this post through there, someone linked it). I get the feeling several of the guys would be totally interested in coming back if there was an update. Those of us who currently still play use downloaded swf files because the website app because too unstable.
    But if you were to carry out this Revival project, there are a lot of us who would be interested. If you need any help, it may be good to reach out to the Discord community. There are a few guys there with skillsets that may be able to help. You can find the link to the Discord posted in the PMG Flickr group (which I think is still linked to on the old PMG website?).

  14. I found the pimp site a couple days ago, is this the old internet?

  15. Flash Player is gone forever and Pimp my gun sites cannot allowed to open again :'(

  16. I guess I don't tinker around with PMG as much as I used to, I got to this update quite late.

    RIP Flash, & with it PMG; but PMG lives on in our hearts and minds. I think Archkyrie has a great idea, a Discord community could help make it easier for you to update those of us still looking forward to the project.

    I'm afraid that beyond kind words and my upmost support for your passion in this project, I can't do much, but I will continue that at the very least.

    May all go well for you.
    Peace and much love to everyone. stay safe.

  17. miss the good old days in PMG apps, flash player is gone forever

  18. Friends, anyone that might see this blog:
    There is hope yet. The Flash Player Debugger or some other SWF player (readily available online, search for it!) will let you play Pimp My Gun, both versions! <--- This discord here has some handy links to the Pimp My Gun SWF files if you can't find them yourself (haven't actually confirmed this personally but they should)

    Flash online might be dead, but these games are still playable! I still play around with PMG sometimes :)

    Good luck everyone, and as always stay safe.