Wednesday, April 1, 2020

PMG Revival: Comments

This is a follow-up to the blog post about a Pimp My Gun revival.
If you haven't read the post, feel free to do so for context, thanks!

So five months later, a lot of things have changed:
I was let go from my workplace in a cost-cutting exercise,
and in case you haven't noticed, there is also a sweeping pandemic
so my country, like many others, are in a lockdown of some sort.
Hope this post finds everyone safe and healthy in their homes.
And for those who are working at the frontlines fighting the disease,
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service.

World news aside, let's look at all of the comments from that post,
and I will address them one by one,
or collectively, if they are referring to the same thing.

sideswipeBL: Holy shit, posted the same day I thought of revisiting PMG to see if there had been any noise since 2011.
SL: There's no direct noise from PMG per se, but with the revival I hope to continue the spirit of mashing gun parts together building fictional and real guns.

Cody Grant: We are here Skipper! Tell us what we need to do.
SL: Thank you for your support, Cody! I'm not sure what to do at this junction, there's more questions than answers in my head for now, I will be listing some of them after this Q&A.

Drio: What happened to Dr. Noob ?
SL: I actually have no idea. I wish I knew though.

Unknown: I love Pimp My Gun and I still playing! I'm making AN-94 without any raster graphics editor. I heard Adobe Flash will end in 2020. I want to play Pimp My Gun after 2020. I'm looking forward to good news!
SL: Glad to hear you're still on PMG! I just checked that support for Flash will end on 31 December 2020. I don't know how to back up PMG offline, though. I hope someone reading this can help make sense of the source code on the website and find a way to download the files to work offline.

Daniel: Please keep it alive. It is such an amazing app!
SL: That is my point of a PMG revival, but looking at my current skill set and interests, what I have in mind might not be 100% the same as the PMG we currently have.

JDS: Is it possible to patch PMG for HMTL5? I ask because I really enjoy playing PMG and fear that, I never get to do that, now that Flash Player will no longer be supported after the end of 2020. I want it to continue after 2020.
SL: I sure hope that is possible, but I cannot do it as the source files, app, website, and server hosting are all owned by, and can only be accessed by Doctor Noob.

VVaypoint: Every now and then I kept giving myself false hope PMG would be revived... Hearing this, well I am excited but pray you keep this commitment going. PMG is a home for a very select type of people and I don't know where else we'd go.
SL: Thank you for sharing your excitement with me. PMG has a special place in my heart as well, while I might not be able to recreate this amazing app Doctor Noob has built, I hope the revival can be something different to look forward to.

Unknown: im so glad i found this, i would very much like to get in contact with you about this skipper, i used PMG a very very very long time ago and finally gave up in 2016 of seeing an update but just for old times sake i found this and i mean. damn. im really intrested in helping reviving the project, im on discord, Viktoria#5499
SL: Thanks, I'll sort some things out and hop on Discord soon!

DESERTFOX1991: Cant wait to see whats next! just revisited PMG and its still awesome but and update would be amazing to see.
SL: Its awesomeness, and what you can do with it, is timeless! But then, an update to the original PMG can only be uploaded by Doctor Noob, as he is the only one with access to the source code, files and servers.

Unknown: Still here... waiting patiently
An Awnry Moose: Revisited again today when I had a little time to mess around with it, decided to click the link to your blog and saw this. Take your time! We're still here.
SL: Thank you for your support and patience. Glad you're all still here!

wanglydanglus: I have thought PMG was long gone for a while now. Just out there haunting a server somewhere. This is amazing! I'd Patreon a PMG revival, and I dont Patreon anything!
One Other Person: I certainly wouldn't mind giving a buck or two a month for a revived Pimp My Gun. Seeing as Flash is going the way of the Dodo, perhaps other options could be considered.
SL: Thanks for your support, I am definitely considering starting a Patreon for this. I currently have one for my gun doodles, but things are not going as well as I desired. But yeah, if there's enough support I can definitely work on this project full-time!

Archkyrie: This would be incredible!
We are still here, the old PMG community. I speak for at least the Flickr group. It is smaller, and slower, than it once was, but it is still here. Those of us still into it are pretty dedicated. A lot of the older community, the ones who have moved on or gotten busy, still hang out on a Discord together (I found this post through there, someone linked it). I get the feeling several of the guys would be totally interested in coming back if there was an update. Those of us who currently still play use downloaded swf files because the website app because too unstable.
But if you were to carry out this Revival project, there are a lot of us who would be interested. If you need any help, it may be good to reach out to the Discord community. There are a few guys there with skillsets that may be able to help. You can find the link to the Discord posted in the PMG Flickr group (which I think is still linked to on the old PMG website?).
SL: Glad everyone is still doing okay, and at the time of this writing I managed to log back onto my Flickr account and hopped on the Discord server. Looking forward to hearing from everyone there about the revival!

Unknown: I found the pimp site a couple days ago, is this the old internet?
SL: PMG was last updated 27 September 2011. You could say it's a pretty old website. And since support for Flash (which the app was built) is ending 31 December 2020, I wanted to build something that carries this on. A revival.

I guess that's all the comments for now, I'll be collecting my thoughts about the revival project and post up another entry soon-ish. Hopefully.


  1. Feel free to let us know, here or on the Discord, if there is anything you need from us. Be it information or support.
    Right now, I think there are just a nostalgic dedicated few of us, but I remember how big PMG used to be. I think a successor project could reach those heights again. I don't see anything else scratching the same itch. But I also know how big of an undertaking that is and can appreciate the intimidation factor of it. No pressure or hard feelings if life makes it impossible. I know right now, in these times, many of us are changing our future plans.
    But if you need anything, you know where to find us.
    Take care!

  2. Oh, just the thought of this makes me exited, i hope it will come to life.

    1. Yes it will, no promises with regards to speed though. I am looking to build everything from scratch since all assets from the previous PMG builds are exclusively owned and managed by Doctor Noob alone.

  3. My prayers go out to you and I hope everything works out for you. I would love to see a revitalized PMG!

  4. Really hope this revival is still gonna happen. I've been going through the old Flickr gallery and it's still excellent. I never posted anything much there (apart from a very bad M60 recreation done in 0.6 many years ago) but I loved seeing all the awesome creations there (that one golden revolver is still breathtaking).

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  6. Joined PMG Disc :

  7. So, PMG not working on flash. Because Flash has been closed, someone had ideas how to launch PMG now?

  8. To anyone out there. Join the Discord there are cool people and also the .swf files for PMG are stored there.