Thursday, May 19, 2016

See You in Macau!

A few nights ago I made the craziest decision ever!

I'll be making a quick trip to Macau for a business launch event, which will be taking place on June 30th at the Grand Sheraton Macau in Cotai. Apart from official business matter, I'd also like to take this opportunity to meet up with fellow PMGers in the area!
Drop a comment if you're staying in or travelling to Cotai, Macau for the duration!
I'll be arriving June 29th and leaving July 1st - see you there!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi RSGG,

      I know you've been anxious about PMG's lack of updates for quite some time now (just like me, and pretty much every other PMGer as well) but for the moment, I can't give any word about it.

      This is because Doctor Noob is the sole owner and programmer behind PMG, this means that only he can update the page. I am just a simple artist who contributed a little to this amazing project.

      That said, I hope Doctor Noob is well, and maybe one day we'll see something new on PMG?

    2. do you know what happened to doc noob? is he like dead or something?

    3. unfortunately, I have no idea what happened to Doc.

  2. Good day skipper! soo how is things doing? and is Doc fine? im worried for em i dont want PMG to die... I love the damn thing...

    1. hi Syafiq! been a little busy on my online business but all is good! I can't say anything about Doc as I haven't heard from him for quite a long while already. yeah, I pray for the best for him, because PMG means a lot to many of us!