Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PMG Update Coming REAL Soon!

An update for PMG v0.7 is very well on its way here :D
Check out what's to come in these photos!

Doctor Noob released these photos online,
showing more awesomeness that's coming to PMG.

Steyr AUG

All M14 variants

That's right, AUGs and M14s are coming to PMG v0.7!

Stay tuned to PMG for an update!
Skipper, over and out!


  1. Yes! Finally!

    Thank you very much, Skipper! :)

    Also, any progress on the FAMAS?

  2. FRICK YES, I've wnted that M14 soo long, thank you Skiper

  3. ...just so you'd know,
    The Steyr AUG and M14 series
    are entirely Doc's work, not mine.

    So, all props should go to him ;)

  4. wh00000000000000000000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ohh almost forgot, can you guys add just a loose trigger? i hate it triggers can only be selected along with body parts, thanx in advance

  6. Yes, the update is up! I love you guys so much.

  7. Do you think Doc would mind me editing guns into PMG to use in the program, Until he adds them/the weapon creator himself?

  8. @Yacob:
    I'll talk to Doctor Noob about that,
    and see what we can do :D

    Thank you - all props go to Doc :)

    Doctor Noob has released a guide on Flickr,
    on how to draw PMG-compatible gun parts on
    Adobe Flash, so that it can be imported
    into the app.

    Read more about it here:

  9. One question, would it be possible for you guys to make a bullpup grip like what the AUG or Tavor has but for it to be separate from the receiver on the next update?

  10. Skipper, the Aug A2 and A3 are both designated "A2" in the app.

    Hope that helps

  11. Hey Skipper, on Pimp My Gun's homepage I see a (v0.7.0.5) with these updates, but I still load (v0.7.0.4)

    This a problem on my part or just plain stupidity?

  12. My computer isn't loading the new version, it's still using the 7.0.4. How does one fix this?

  13. @Gasmask and Davoke:

    This problem is usually caused by
    old browser cache,
    which you need to clear so that
    it loads the new version.

    After doing a quick lookup on the Net,
    here's a helpful link from Indiana University
    on how to clear your browser cache.

    Hopefully it'll get the latest PMG
    up-n-running on your computers again! :D

  14. Skipper when you guys get a chance you should make a rail for the ACR like the one on the ACR in this video-

  15. Hey skipper, Just curious about some things. Woul it be possible to add gold and or silver to the colors for parts? No much appreciation of the site, And there was a gold deagle in The first one so:)

  16. could you guys add the mossberg 500, AA12, and the Thompson SMG on to the new version of pimp my gun guys?

  17. Cheers, Skipper! It came back today when I did what you said.

  18. you should bring back pistols and LMGsand add a 50cal sniper

  19. @DramaticGnome:
    I'll find time to draw that part, thanks.

    I'm sure there are already codes available on the web that enable you to pick the color closest to Gold on PMG 0.7

    My field of work does not include adding new weapons to PMG, as that is Doctor Noob's.

    In a recent poll on PMG Flickr, Doctor Noob has decided to add a new weapon in the next PMG update. Click on to find out what it is :D

    No problem, man :D

    Doctor Noob is working hard to add more weapons with more parts and details in the upcoming updates, as well as better user experience to using PMG.

    Refer to this closed poll on PMG Flickr to check out what's next in a PMG update :P

  20. Skipper, can you talk to Doctor about making an option to rotate an object around an axis
    e.g.: Flip Up Iron Sights
    My english is not perfect, but I hope you could understand what I meant to say

  21. @Gonzaga:
    There is an option to do this manually, if you don't mind trying this yourself.

    Press Ungroup when the iron sights are selected, deselect the iron sights, select the flip-up part of the iron sight, rotate it to the desired angle, and adjust its new position to the sight's post.

  22. I know I actually do that, but it would be neat to have the option to rotate something on an axis

  23. Hey could you add the option to just add rails like on the old one? Thanks for everything, and looking forward to more awesomeness!

  24. @Cypher:
    I'll let Doc know about that, thanks.

  25. What happened to the Beretta Rx4 that was drawn and colored but never put into the program, i know you don't put the weapons in, but do you know why doc never put it into the parts browser?

  26. is there possible adding a color choosing panel?

    would be more easy to get the right color,thanks.

  27. @Kevin:
    That question of yours got me thinkin' :)
    I'll have to ask the Doc himself, thanks.

    I'm in no position to comment on that, sorry.
    I'll let you know once Doc provides an answer, thanks.

  28. From Doctor Noob :D

    Yes, rails will be added.

    Good question. I totally forgot about it. Looks like I got a free gun for the next update.

    Yes, but this should be available in 0.8 as well.

  29. hey skipper lee
    i really like PMG
    can you make a rough estimate
    when the new update comes i really
    looking forward to it

    thank you

  30. Is going to be , an famas, and shotguns, in the next version?

    And when it will be out?

  31. u need to add more but stocks as well asmore rails

  32. hey skipper i think you should add mounted machine guns and even drum mags to the bata version

  33. @Black Rain
    Sorry, I can't give you an ETA for the next update. But I'm sure it's gonna be a lot of awesomeness!

    It's gonna be a family of FN Minimi machineguns, and maybe the Beretta Cx4 and Px4 Storm :D

    Machineguns are already making their way into the next PMG update :)

    I'll let Doc know about the mounted MGs and drum mags, thanks.

  34. If you still need info on the FAMAS, I found a FAMAS F1 manual here at a interesting site that shows manuals for uncommon or rare guns. Very big if you want to see parts.

    FAMAS F1 Manual:

    The website with other manuals:

  35. Sorry if this is too much of a hassel, but do you think you can do the Type 89 in the future? Here are alot of photos inside and out of the Type 89 from the same site I last posted:

  36. when u going to add shotguns man

  37. u should add the shotguns next

  38. Thanks FerrariGuy.

    Oh, and Riley, I'm not the one making the calls as to what's going to be added onto the PMG app.

    Sorry, man.

  39. Hey man, good job! Could you add the SIG 550/551/552, the Howa Type 89 and some shotgun, such as AA12 or SPAS 12 in future?
    Sorry for my bad english, i'm from Italy ;)

  40. I know that large list of weapons was too much, but how bout a C-Beta drum mag?

  41. When do you think a new update is going to be out?

  42. its been a long time since the last update... are you guys just done updating or should i be prepared for more updates... gettin kinda bored with no pistols or lack of smg's... im not good at creating from scratch so any new very well customizable guns like p90 or handguns would be greatly appreciated, even the CM901 from mw3 would be appreciated.... please talk to doc. noob about this because im sure that many of your fans are getting pretty bored too

  43. can may also be components of knives. because I play this not so long and that seems pretty cool. sorry for my bad english, I use google translate.