Saturday, August 25, 2012


So my buddies and I have been a little busy last week...

We're aiming to win in the "Create Your Drama" video contest organised by Canon,
so we made this 'drama'-filled trailer entitled REDEMPTION.

Hop on this link and check it out.

...if you think this video is awesome enough,
register on the website and upvote my video!

Your help will be very much appreciated!
Thanks, thanks and thanks again!


  1. Yea updates pls,
    or at least, tell the community how to create a gun/parts for pmg, and start a contest. You will choose which guns/parts are the best, and these will gonna make it into pmg ;)
    pls answer skipper :)

  2. @BriZaggy,Anthony,Luisair

    I can't say anything on updates at the moment, sorry... While I have been busy with life, Doc has other things to tend to as well.

    And about contests, Flickr's PMG group already has quite a long history of contests, pitching fellow PMG-ers against each other. Check them out at this link

  3. if you and dr noob are working on a better pimp my gun 3 make sure to add all the old pmg weapons and all black ops 2 weapons and also tell dr noob to make an stg 44 and add a WASR 2 so i can make a black ops 1 ak with less round mag and add an option to shoot the guns and add pistols

  4. soz to break it to you but i sure PMG is dead

  5. ^You're lucky you posted that on here, if you had posted that exact same request on Flickr they would've lit your ass up. Albeit, it is a stupid request. The update will come out when he wants it to, so stop asking. Go back to playing CoD and just wait patiently.

  6. @EvilNinja
    That's quite a list of requests ._.
    I hope you understand all work for PMG is done in our free time - and while I'm not sure how Doc is doing, but I for one am busy with other stuff at the moment.

    PMG will never be dead, so long as the people still use it, albeit not for 'pimping out guns', but rather in a much more wonderful way - making new guns.

    Exactly, lol - and thank you :)

  7. oh ok, sorry if i bothered u, Imma just wait for the next pmg, but it better have that WASR I suggest though!